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National Dress Register


Jordan Hewitt has Australia's only "National Dress Register" - IP Australia Trademark Number:  1874510

For formal events

View our National Dress Register.  Style numbers/names that have already been sold to your event will show.  You will then know what style and colour you can buy for the event.  We and our stockists all use this same dress register for Jordan Hewitt designs Australia Wide. Say, If someone is visiting the Gold Coast on holidays from Melbourne and visits a stockist on the Gold Coast, the style and colour is registered to her event.  You see this is just not a local register, it is an innovative Nationwide Dress Register.

The National Dress Register reveals only the style number/colour sold to that event.  No other details are revealed.  Your style is a kept secret!. 

If you intend wearing your gown to other events in the future (eg:  After 5 charity event, guest at a wedding), please keep your original proof of purchase and simply email the event with the proof of purchase to  The request must be genuine in respect of wearing the style/name to the event intended.

Because of multiple event wearing following the original purchase - Jordan Hewitt cannot guarantee 100% National Dress Register Protection/Accuracy, however, we encourage fellow formal goers to communicate with us for optimum service in this regard.